A California man, a regular at Pink Pantherz Espresso in Modesto, suddenly pulled a gun on one bikini barista and got a surprising response.

When 43-year-old Jorge Carrillo pulled up to the drive-thru coffee shop and threatened to shoot her, she simply told him to wait his turn; she had a customer on the other side to serve first.


She then took that opportunity to slip out and go to the Family Dollar store nearby and contact police.

Besides being a regular and never having caused a problem before, he’d already been to the risqué coffee stand twice that day. It was the third time that he brandished the weapon.

The unnamed woman’s quick thinking may well have saved her life. While it’s not entirely clear what Carrillo’s motivation was — robbery or murder — he returned later that day and was promptly arrested.


Police found a loaded gun, brass knuckles, a knife, and thousands of dollars in cash on him when they searched him.

He was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, possession of loaded and concealed firearm, possession of a dagger, possession of brass knuckles, and making criminal threats.