The video was posted on Facebook and shows the unnamed American woman drink the urine. She claims it has helped her get ‘this natural glow’ and cleared her acne. Using a plastic cup, the woman catches urine from her dog before drinking it in full during the minute-and-a-half clip. The horrifying video appears to be real after the woman is able to chug the cup of urine right after she collects it from dog. ‘Until I first drank my dog’s pee, I was depressed, I was sad, and I had bad acne,’ the woman says after finishing the cup. But experts warn against drinking urine because of the waste and toxins that can be in the liquid.


Police arrested a woman caught on video damaging equipment during a fit of rage at a Michigan Planet Fitness. The 20-year-old woman is seen arguing with employees, throwing computer monitors and damaging a phone. At one point, the woman can be heard screaming at the front desk worker, “I’ll come back, and I’ll kill you!” Grand Rapids Police say she is being charged with Malicious Destruction of Property. The employee who appears to have been assaulted chose not to press charges. Planet Fitness chose to press charges for the destruction of property.


A terrifying video shows the moment a hammer-wielding mother smashed the windows of a school bus full of students after finding out her daughter was in a fight. In the video, two girls are seen punching one another in the back of a Nicolet High School bus in Glendale. One girl in an olive shirt walks up to another girl in pink and throws the first punch. The girl in the pink then hits back and the two continue to exchange blows as other students watch. Both students then called their mothers. While still on the route near Mill Road and Willow Glen Court, a car was seen swerving in front of the bus. Moments later, 33-year-old Magan Gumbus, the mother of one of the girls, gets out with a hammer. The students were both suspended from school and Gumbus was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

WDRB 41 Louisville News

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — An Oldham County High School teacher was arrested Thursday after she admitted to having sex with a student.

Haley Reed, 35, said she had sex with a juvenile student approximately eight times between April 1 and June 1. All the incidents occurred on school property, Oldham County Police said.

Oldham County Schools released a statement Thursday night on Reed’s arrest:

“District administrators are aware of the charges against a teacher at Oldham County High School. We are cooperating with police during this investigation and the teacher will have no further contact with students for the remainder of the year.

Further questions on the investigation should be directed to the Oldham County Police Department.”

Reed is charged with multiple accounts of third-degree rape, third-degree sodomy and first-degree unlawful transaction with a minor. She’s being held at the Oldham County Detention Facility.


During a court sentencing, a Northwest Arkansas man admitted to purposely contracting HIV so he could infect others with the virus.

Stephen Koch pleaded guilty Monday to attempting to expose another person to hiv, possession of meth with purpose to deliver and eight counts of distributing or viewing child pornography.

Koch was sentenced to 50 years in the Arkansas Department of Correction.

He is also required to register as a sex offender.

For a man to say he intentionally contracted hiv to infect others is something Mark Williams. an HIV survivor, thought he’d never hear about.

But this only fuels Williams to keep his education efforts up here in NWA.

“It’s very irritating that people do not take the disease serious enough,” said Williams.

According to court documents, while Benton County prosecutors were searching through Koch’s computer for child pornography, they discovered that he knowingly infected himself with HIV.

“For somebody to have such low self-esteem, and lack of worth that they would try to go out and do something that stupid is the only word I can think to use,” said Williams.

Williams said it’s offensive that someone would do something so evil.

“To want to take himself down this road, and infect other people I just can’t comprehend it,” said Williams.

HIV educator Ruth Coker Burks said Koch’s actions disrespect those who’ve lost their life to the virus.

“He was set out to destroy any and everything. It’s so unfortunate and awful when people have died just tried to live with this virus,” said Burks


Matthew Haverly told a reporter he was surprised a dead body was found in the creek across from his Pennsylvania home, but police arrested him hours later for murder after determining it was his mom. Haverly now faces charges of murder and abusing a corpse in the death of his 60-year-old mother, Patricia. During the interview, Haverly alluded to the death being gang-related and even said “I’m guessing like my mother, she would be concerned.”’s Lisa Voyticki has more.


Morgan Summerlin, 25, was sentenced to 20 years in prison with 10 more on probation. She is not eligible for parole, according to the prosecutor. Summerlin faced 140 years in prison. Summerlin pleaded guilty in Fulton Superior Court in May. As she was led out of the courtroom and to a jail cell, Summerlin blew kisses to family members who sat and watched the sentencing.


HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT – A woman accused of lying that she was raped by two college football players will go on trial this month. Nikki Yovino, 19, is charged with felony evidence tampering and misdemeanor falsely reporting an incident. She could spend five years in prison if convicted. Prosecutors said that while a student at Sacred Heart University, Yovino made up the rape to gain sympathy from another student who she wanted to date. Defense attorneys say that police put words in her mouth. Jury selection is expected to begin on Tuesday. The two football players are expected to testify. They dropped out of school during the case and may sue Yovino.


A Bonanza High School teacher arrested for terroristic threats sent texts referencing mass killers, saying she might start a new movement empowering women to become serial killers, according to her arrest report.

A friend named James contacted police after he said Leslie McGourty was making statements about poking “a lot of holes in a lot of people on Saturday” and that she was going to be dead Sunday. The friend took screenshots of the conversation and sent them to police.

A police officer in California was captured on video cutting a biker off the road with his patrol car on Sunday afternoon. Riders who took part in the Elite Bikerz Fallen Brother Ride, in honor of Memorial Day, witnessed the unexplained incident go down on a street in Rancho Cucamonga. As the other bikers rode over to catch a closer look of the incident, a woman recording it shouted at the cop: You pushed him! You pushed him down! You drug him down with your (car) and I have it on camera!’ (sic)


Uploaded May 21, 2018
ATLANTA – Dr. Windell Boutte’s website calls her “Atlanta’s most experienced cosmetic surgeon,” but a Channel 2 Action News consumer investigation discovered she also had plenty of experience dealing with malpractice cases.

Boutte refused to answer consumer investigator Jim Strickland’s questions about seven lawsuits against her, and more than 20 YouTube videos featuring the dermatologist dancing and singing around exposed, unmoving patients. Some show Boutte making incisions while she sings and cavorts to the camera.

One of those lawsuits was filed by 26-year-old Ojay Liburd. He agreed to talk to Strickland about his mother’s visit to Boutte’s Gwinnett County office, because his mother no longer can. According to court

WSB-TV records Liburd’s mother, Icilma Cornelius, saw Boutte for a tummy tuck and liposuction in 2016. It was weeks before her wedding and she was credits away from earning her Ph.D. “She just wanted to be perfect for her wedding dress,” Liburd told Strickland. “She had everything going for her.”

She never got the chance to wear her wedding dress. After a more than eight-hour procedure, Cornelius’ heart stopped. She suffered permanent brain damage and will need care for the rest of her life.


A furious father in North Carolina caused a scene at his local McDonalds after he went to confront the employee who allegedly gave his son meth. Storming into the store on Mother’s Day, Billy Hutchins told the man: ‘I’m on my way to see Creed at the hospital… he’s sick coming down from all that goddamned meth you gave him’. The father unleashed at the man, who he later identified on Facebook as 44-year-old Booker Williams, as horrified customers watched on.


Dressed in yellow prison jumpsuits and with their hands and ankles shackled, the Dauphin County couple charged with trying to starve their three children to death emerged out of a district court office after having waived their preliminary hearing on Monday.

Dauphin County District Judge Gregory Johnson sent the case against Joshua Ross Weyant, 33, and Brandi Jene Weyant, 38, of Halifax Township, to trial. The two will have their first court appearance in May. They also waived their arraignment hearing, which was scheduled for April.

The parents previously pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, conspiracy, false imprisonment, endangering the welfare of children.

The children were covered in bruises and abrasions when they were discovered and they were living in filth in a locked room.

They had lice and were covered in animal hair along with human urine and feces.

At the time, Pennsylvania prosecutors said the couple no longer wanted to look after the kids so had decided to put them in a room to starve them.

A doctor who examined them said the two oldest children were just days from death when they were saved.

‘They looked like they had walked out of a concentration camp,’ Chief Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Gettle told Penn Live.

They were so thin, doctors could see their bones through their skin.


An Ocean City woman was ordered held without bail Friday morning after her 8-month-old suffered an apparent overdose from fentanyl, a dangerous synthetic form of heroin.

Anne Arundel County Fire Department paramedics were called March 20 for a report of an infant suffering from cardiac arrest in the 2900 block of East Almondbury Drive in Pasadena.

According to charging documents, Jordan Marie Holt, 20, called 911 after she found her son not breathing.

After attempts at CPR produced few results — the child “only sporadically gasped for air and never regained consciousness” — the paramedics began treating him for an opioid overdose, according to charging documents filed Thursday.

Police said that after administering naloxone, which combats the symptoms of an opioid overdose, the child started crying. He made a full recovery at an area hospital.

When investigators interviewed Holt, she denied using heroin, charging documents state. While she admitted to abusing prescription opioids, she said any heroin in the house belonged to her roommate, telling officers she’d found discarded heroin vials on the floor before. Holt’s legal address remains in Ocean City.

The roommate denied using any heroin on March 20. He said while he used crack cocaine and marijuana the weeks before, he’d been prescribed methadone for his opioid addiction and didn’t have any heroin in his possession.


Passengers aboard a flight headed to North Dakota on Thursday afternoon are being refunded after they were forced to deal with a drunk flight attendant.

According to passenger Erika Gorman, the unnamed flight attendant used profanity while going over the safety instructions, telling passengers: ‘If your seatbelt isn’t tight, you f***ed up’. The air stewardess was then filmed getting up in a passenger’s face.

Gorman tweeted: ‘Thanks United, for a terrifying flight! Drunk or stoned stewardess endangered everybody’s lives.

‘I had to go to the cockpit and call the pilot and tell him they had an out of control attendant. The cops and an ambulance were waiting for her when we landed.’

United Airlines apologized and compensated passengers after a flight attendant may have been acting inappropriately.

A passenger on a flight from Denver to Williston, North Dakota tweeted photos of the flight attendant she said might have been drunk on the job.

Erika Gorman said the woman at one point she got extremely close to another passenger. According to Gorman, during the boarding announcements, the flight attendant used profanity and said, “If your seatbelt isn’t tight, you f***** up.”


A man was caught on camera attacking his 38-year-old wife with a screwdriver as she was sitting in a New York barber’s shop.

The couple, who share custody of a five-year-old daughter, ended up brawling in the store before taking the fight outside onto the street.

The attack was a brutal one as the man walked up to his unsuspecting wife with a screwdriver hidden in his hand.

A “homeless-looking” man in Oregon has confessed to sexually assaulting a horse after its owner found the animal “tied up in an unusual way” inside its stable, police and court documents say.

Kenneth Lijah Duyck, 20, is in Washington County Jail Thursday on suspicion of sexual assault of an animal and second-degree burglary stemming from the incident last week on a rural property in Hillsboro.


An unconscious woman, a robbery in progress, cars racing on the interstate: All of these incidents led people to call Houston’s 911 system, but not for long. These were among thousands of calls that were cut short by an operator who Harris County prosecutors said simply hung up on the callers.

That former operator is Crenshanda Williams, who has been sentenced to 10 days in jail and 18 months of probation on two counts of interfering with an emergency telephone call. “Ain’t nobody got time for this. For real,” Williams was recorded saying after ending a call in which a security guard had tried to report two cars driving at high speeds on Interstate 45 South, according to a 2016 report from local KPRC TV.Williams worked at the Houston Emergency Center for about a year and a half before she was fired in 2016. Her supervisors had realized Williams was responsible for cutting off emergency calls after just a few seconds, often forcing callers to try again — and to wonder why they couldn’t get help. At the time, Williams reportedly told police that she simply didn’t want to talk to anyone. Her attorney recently said, “She was going through a hard time in her life.” Prosecutors said the abnormally short 911 calls happened “thousands” of times on Williams’ watch.