A mall’s dress-code policy is being challenged after a former Memphis, Tennessee, journalist wound up in handcuffs for filming the arrest of a Black teen cited for wearing a hoodie. Kevin McKenzie, a former reporter for The Commercial Appeal, said he knew something was off when he spotted a white security guard tailing a group of young Black men at the Wolfchase Galleria on Saturday. McKenzie, 56, said he was at the mall intending to visit a cellphone store when the incident unfolded

A day after Judge Glenn Devlin of Houston lost his reelection bid, he released nearly all of the juvenile defendants who appeared before him, as long as they answered no when he asked if they planned to kill anyone. Devlin, one of the 59 Republican jurists in Harris County who was replaced by Democrats, allegedly said: “This is obviously what the voters wanted,” when he released juveniles who have been charged with a wide range of crimes.


HUDSON, Fla. – A Pasco County woman was arrested after she reportedly left two small children in a hot car with a bag of methamphetamine on the front seat while she was shopping in a Hudson dollar store.

Deputies responded to 12125 US Highway 19 in Hudson to check the welfare of two young children in a hot car all alone. The children, a 1-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy, were both seated in the back seat of the car. Deputies found a small clear bag containing a crystal-like substance sitting on the driver’s seat. A field presumptive test showed the substance tested positive for methamphetamine.

Deputies located Nicole Buffington, 24, inside the Dollar Tree store nearby and brought her outside. The investigation indicated the children were left alone from 12:06 p.m. to 12:29 p.m. while a bag of meth was easily accessible to the two small children, placing them in a state of neglect. Buffington was arrested and transported to the Land O Lakes Jail without incident.

Buffington has been charged with child neglect and possession of methamphetamine.

The one-day ‘fight club’ took place at the Adventure Learning Center in St Louis. Nicole Merseal’s four-year-old son was among the toddlers forced to fight, breaking down in tears after he took part in three brawls. Her 10-year-old son filmed some of the horrific fights and sent her the video. Both teachers were immediately fired after she called the director but the daycare remains in operation. It has since received 26 new violations during eight inspections in last two years. Merseal is now suing the daycare for $25,000 and hopes it will be held accountable.


Shortly after getting home from trick-or-treating Sunday 5-year-old Braylen Carwell began having some sort of seizure, and then police say hospital staff found the boy tested positive for methamphetamines in his system. Officers in Galion say they’re now investigating after his parents said it must have come from the trick-or-treat candy the boy had been eating shortly before it happened.


Leander, TX – Less than two weeks after police arrested a Texas school bus driver for driving around a barricade and into a low-water crossing with a student on board, the Leander Police Department released dashcam footage Friday from that morning.

LPD officials said Nathan Deyoung was going down County Road 177 on Oct. 16 around 8:30 a.m. when the school bus he was driving was swept away by floodwaters.

First responders with Leander and Williamson counties were able to pull Deyoung and a 12-year-old student to safety.

The police department said Deyoung, 57, is facing charges for driving around the barricade and endangering a child.


Google Maps isn’t just for directions anymore — it can also end your marriage.

According to Australian outlet, a man caught his wife cheating while searching for a location in Google Maps street view. He was using the app to decide on a tourist destination to take his wife to on vacation and stumbled upon a woman in an outfit he recognized.

While navigating down the Bridge of Sighs in Barranco, Peru, he saw the woman was sitting on a bench with a man, reclining with his head in her lap. Both of their faces are blurred, as is customary when Google street view cameras capture a person. While the view only shows a still image, the woman appears to be stroking his hair.

The man quickly realized it was his wife based on the clothing and other physical characteristics.


HELP-The subject in the attached flyer is wanted for questioning in an assault that occurred in the 6200 blk. of Westminster Blvd (In & Out Burger). The victim, a special needs man, was punched multiple times because he was not moving quickly enough after placing his food order. SHARE this, please! Attacking vulnerable members of our community is not only cowardly, but it is despicable. Help us bring a suspect to justice. Contact Detective Vasquez at 714-548-3815 or Commander Knauerhaze at 714-548-3791 if you can identify him, thanks.


HARRISBURG, Pa. – An Ohio mother accused of sexually abusing her 3-year-old daughter faces multiple felony charges.

Kayla Parker, 26, has been charged with sexual abuse and exploitation of children, endangering the welfare of a child and indecent assault.

Parker, of Dayton, has been extradited to Pennsylvania, where she – along with her ex-boyfriend, David Carbonaro – allegedly made the recordings roughly four years ago, according to a new release from Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

“This is an egregious case – a mother who preyed upon and sexually abused her own 3-year-old daughter,” Shapiro said.

Investigators executed a search warrant of Carbonaro’s Upper Darby residence in July and found images and video files showing a 3-year-old girl in various stages of undress – including one file showing a woman’s hand reaching into the child’s underwear, according to the release.

Authorities arrested Carbonaro in July. He has been charged with possession, production and distribution of child pornography.

Investigators say Carbonaro identified Parker, who law enforcement recently arrested in Ohio.


WACO, Texas (KWTX) A Waco man who admitted to a fellow jail inmate he sexually assaulted his 38-day-old daughter while in a methamphetamine-induced haze was sentenced Thursday to a total of 244 years in prison.

Jurors late Wednesday afternoon convicted Patricio Medina, 27, on one count of aggravated sexual assault of a child younger than 6, two counts of injury to a child and two counts of endangering a child.

Thursday they decided on an 80-year sentence and $10,000 fine on the aggravated sexual assault of a child count, two 80-year-sentences and $10,000 fines on the injury to a child counts and two 4-year sentences on the child endangerment count.

He must serve the full 80 years of the sentence for aggravated sexual assault of a child. The charges stem from the March 2014 sexual assault of the infant, who suffered 45 broken bones and other injuries, which a doctor discovered during the girl’s five-week checkup.

A jailhouse informant testified that Medina admitted that he sexually assaulted the baby while high on methamphetamine.

The baby’s mother, Lisa Montoya, also testified.

She pleaded guilty earlier to two counts of endangering a child.

Medina, who was first indicted in November 2015 and then was re-indicted in March, has been held in the McLennan County Jail since April 2017 in lieu of $225,000 bond.

An unrelated family adopted the victim and her two siblings, prosecutor Gabrielle Massey said.

The girl is now 4 and is doing well, she said


SHEBOYGAN COUNTY, Wis. – An alert pizza delivery driver helped save a woman from her abusive ex-boyfriend, police say.

A 55-year-old Grafton man now faces several counts of domestic abuse after allegedly entering his ex-girlfriend’s house uninvited, where he’s alleged to have beaten and tied her up.

Police arrested Dean Hoffmann after the pizza delivery driver noticed a woman inside the house mouthing the words “help me.”

“It’s kind of scary,” said driver Joey Grundl. “Gave him his pizza, and noticed behind him was his girlfriend. She pointed to a black eye that was quite visible. She mouthed the words ‘call police.'”

According to a criminal complaint, the victim — a 57-year-old woman — started dating Hoffmann in 2016 and they lived together until August of 2018. After their breakup, the woman moved to a home near 2nd and Lyndon.

Investigators say around 1 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 27 Hoffmann entered her home without knocking and without her permission. She told Hoffmann to leave and grabbed her phone to call police. As she picked up her phone, Hoffmann allegedly ripped the phone out of her hands, grabbed her by the waist and dragged her toward steps that led upstairs.

The complaint says Hoffmann shoved the victim, causing her to fall with her back on the steps, then pulled her hair, ripped her shirt and continued to try and drag her up the stairs. In an attempt to get away, the woman told investigators she hit Hoffmann in the groin. Hoffmann then punched her in the face, giving her a black eye and bloody nose.

Afterward, Hoffmann locked them both in the bathroom for approximately 30 minutes while the woman tended to her bloody nose, according to the complaint.

Prosecutors say Hoffmann then forced her upstairs and onto her bed, binding her hands and feet with a power cord from her vacuum, then shoving a towel in her mouth to ensure “nobody would be able to hear her.”


A pedophile in Roanoke, Virginia has been left with “life-altering” injuries after climbing through the bedroom window of two young children, only to be greeted by their pet bulldog who bit his penis off.

52-year-old Martin Freeman climbed into the 1st-floor window of the small family home into the room where the two young sisters were sleeping after passing by and seeing the open window.

After climbing into the room of the 3 and 6-year-old sisters, Freeman got more than he bargained for when family’s Pit Bull Terrier leapt to the girl’s defence. The dog severed the rapist’s genitals clean off and swallowed his penis and testicles.

The commotion alerted the children’s parents who called emergency services. According to the father of the children, after calling the police, the attacker was in so much pain that he didn’t attempt to make an escape.

Freeman was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors treated his wounds but said they were unable to rescue his genitalia after it had been swallowed by the pet bulldog. Hospital staff said they were able to “patch him up,” and while he lost a lot of blood and was clearly in a lot of pain, he would survive. They added that although his injuries were no-longer life-threatening, they were “certainly life-altering.”

The family, who can’t be named, said they are just thankful their dog was there to protect the young girls from the attacker. In a statement, local investigators said the family was “lucky” their pet was able to protect them from a potential sexual assault, adding: “We are currently investigating a complaint of an attempted sexual assault and will be taking a suspect into custody as soon as he has recovered from his injuries. Given the extent of those injuries, however, we can assure the public he no longer poses a threat to children or indeed anybody.”