11-year-old Fernanda Cruz of Tamaulipas, Mexico admitted that she choked her 3-month-old and 3-year-old brothers with a pillow while they slept, because, according to her, the devil told her to do so. The police said they were not aware that she was the murderer until weeks later, when she took some pills in an attempt to commit suicide.

She was taken to the hospital where she later confessed to the killings during her recovery. The little girl told the doctors that she heard the voice of the devil ordering her to kill herself so she could join her dead brothers in heaven.

Cruz’s parents, Jose Luis and his wife Fabiola, said that she told them that she held conversations with the devil, but that they did not realize that the problem was so serious.

A psychiatrist confirmed that Cruz might be suffering from schizophrenia, which causes some to hear voices and have hallucinations.