CreepyPasta, a genre of horror legends or memes that have been copied and pasted all over the Internet, has hit the headlines again. This time it’s due to a 12-year-old Indiana Girl and a ghastly character known as Laughing Jack.

The unnamed 12-year-old in question set her family’s home on fire and stabbed her stepmother to death back in July of this year. She says, according to court documents, that ‘Laughing Jack’ told her to.

Laughing Jack, according to the urban legend, is an imaginary clown that befriends children before slicing them open and replacing their organs with candy.

This case, while bizarre and horrific, is also bringing attention and comparisons in a couple of other ways: 1) In May of 2014, two Wisconsin girls, also 12 years old at the time, stabbed their friend to near death because another CreepyPasta character, Slender Man, told them to. They claimed that he’d told them that he’d kill their families if they didn’t do it. In that case, the girls are being tried as adults when they go to trial. 2) The girl in this case is being seen in a more fragile and downright saddening light – and likely rightfully so.

She’s already been declared incompetent to stand trial, and according to court documents submitted Tuesday, “heard voices and had an ‘alter ego’ months before the stabbing, and begged her father for help.”

Doctors have diagnosed her with post-traumatic stress disorder and dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder). For months now, she’s been living in a juvenile detention center, seeing a counselor and taking medication, but still begging the staff for help. She simply hasn’t been deemed fit to understand the charges against her.

As far as her family goes, they just want her transferred to a state mental hospital. A staggering 16 psychiatric hospitals and facilities have refused to help her, according to Holly Curtis, the girl’s lawyer.

“This little girl has been failed by everyone,” she said. “The risk level for her is beyond anything I think anybody can imagine. For her not to be able to get the help she’s crying out for is probably one of the biggest travesties I’ve seen so far with the system and with a state agency not willing to step up and do their job.”

State officials have, however, said they will comply with a court order to move the girl into a mental institution.

According to state Family and Social Services Administration spokeswoman Marni Lemons, “There is work being done to find the appropriate place for this young woman.”


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