A 15-year-old boy in Pennsylvania has admitted to killing his older brother over a girl.

“They were both interested in the same girl,” District Attorney Ed Marsico said about the killing.

15-year-old Dakota Thornton blew away his 18-year-old brother Dominick with a shotgun yesterday morning after pinging after the older sibling’s girlfriend.

When Pennsylvania State Police arrived at the scene around 2 a.m., the young teen put his hands up and said, “I shot my brother.”

He confessed that he loaded the shotgun just two minutes before the fatal shooting at the home, and told officers that he did it because he was interested in being with his brother’s girlfriend.

“It’s very shocking,” a neighbor told a local station. “I just saw Dominick outside yesterday. Just to know he’s dead now — I actually watched them carry him outside in a body bag. It’s not usual around here at all.”

The 15-year-old accused murderer has been charged with homicide as an adult and is being held without bail.

His first court appearance is scheduled for April 6th.


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