A woman who goes by the online moniker of  Poison Ivy trolls the Internet looking for socially awkward and unstable men, then convinces them to sexually degrade themselves. She also allegedly seems to enjoy enticing them to commit suicide.

17-year-old Hanna, from New Zealand, is said to seek vulnerable men in online gaming communities, then bullying them, as most would call it, into sexually humiliating themselves publicly.

A YouTube video surfaced describing Hanna’s evil doings activities, and calls for victims to report her and put an end to the abuse once and for all.

“She encourages guys to do disgusting acts, via webcam on a live screen, like showing their genitals, spreading their butt cheeks on camera and sticking objects up their ass,” the clip says.

“This girl will not stop until these guys kill themselves. She grooms them for months. We need to report her,” he implores.

Her Twitter, which has since been suspended, had a bio that read: “I treat all men like shit because they are weak and they deserve it. I bully the weak to make them weaker as I simultaneously grow stronger.”


Her account, which had over 900 followers, was flooded with images of men around the world declaring their love for her.

One of them told MailOnline that he has no problem sharing her with other men, regardless of the fact she punishes him and others for talking to other girls.

One such man, from Corpus Christi, Texas, said his love for her that he would think about killing himself if she would do it too.

Men burst into tears begging for forgiveness from the seemingly uncaring teen.


She continues to cast her web of deceit and humiliation under various Twitter handles as each one gets suspended.


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