18-year old Abbie Caay Huff of Pensacola Florida knows the law! Well, according to her, anyway.

She was stopped by a Fort Walton Beach cop for speeding when the officer spotted open containers in the vehicle, not believing anyone in the car was over the age of 21.

When they searched the vehicle, they found a Mississippi driver’s license. It showed Ms. Huff as over 21. According to the arrest report, it was a fake. Her Florida license clearly showed her as 18. It also turned out that she had a warrant for her arrest out of Escambia County for battery.

While she was in custody, she’s reported to have said, “It’s not illegal because it wasn’t used, and it can be legally possessed if I’m acting,” according the police report.

Her presumption wasn’t shared by law enforcement, giving rise to no ‘aha’ moments whatsoever.

She’s been charged with possession of false identification and her court date has been set for December 8th.


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