21-year-old Naima Shereen Mirza claimed she’d been raped twice by the same man, and even named the man, living in Scotland, as the perpetrator.

She claimed the two rapes were five months apart.

There was just one problem; that man was in jail at the time she claims the incidents took place.

Naima, a student at Edinburgh Academy at the time, had failed her chemistry exam and wanted to retake it.

She finally admitted to her lies when she found out she’d been stone cold busted in a lie.

“Nothing happened. I went to the park and made it up. I wanted another year at school to get to Strathclyde University,” she said in a written confession to a police officer.

A jury found her guilty in Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

“In many years in these courts in one capacity or another, I have come across the whole range of hateful, hideous and downright bizarre things that people do to each other and the world at large. But I doubt, however, in all that time, that I have encountered a course of conduct so strange, so needless, and so hard to fathom as yours,” Sheriff Michael O’Grady said to her. “It is also a course of conduct that is selfish, devious, and persistent to a truly remarkable degree.”


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