A 24 year old woman has been arrested and charged for the gruesome beating and murder of her two young daughters, aged one and three.

The woman in question, Daphne McDaniels, was arrested this week, four months after the bodies of the girls were discovered by authorities.

So what caused the delay? Police say McDaniels’s 19-year-old boyfriend Thomas Liles threw away evidence just before the bodies were found, including drug paraphernalia. He has been arrested for tampering with evidence.

Autopsies have shown that the sisters died of blunt force injuries.

McDaniels’s neighbor Selma Bell spoke to a local television station about the arrest, saying she was not surprised at the murder. Bell claims that she had seen McDaniels

verbally abusing her children on several occasions and had occasionally seen bruises on their faces.“Every night and every day I pray for justice for these babies,” said Bell.

McDaniels is now being held in Wood County jail, and is being charged with two counts of capital murder.