Uploaded August 22, 2018
Three Clearfield County men had sexual intercourse with dogs, horses, a cow and a goat, according Clearfield County District Attorney William Shaw Jr.

Shaw said it was one of the most extreme cases of animal abuse that his office has handled.

A 16-year-old male told state police at Clearfield that Terry Wallace, Matthew Brubaker and Marc Measnikoff were allegedly using a specially designed “v-shaped” pen to facilitate the sexual contact.

The state police community emergency response team served a search warrant on the “makeshift farm” on Mouse Lane on Saturday and seized recording equipment, cameras and a large volume of homemade videos.

Shaw said state police and the SPCA are in the midst of securing appropriate placement for the animals.

Shaw also said a juvenile male was placed in protective custody while the investigation is ongoing to determine the extent of mental or physical abuse to which he may have been exposed.

“Right now, we don’t believe the juvenile was sexually victimized,” Shaw said in the press release.

Wallace, 40, Brubaker, 32, and Measnikoff, 34, are charged with one felony count of endangering the welfare of a child and one felony count of corruption of minors. They are also charged with 1,460 misdemeanor counts of sexual intercourse with an animal and 1,460 summary counts of cruelty to animals.

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