A 5-year-old boy in Southern California died after being mauled by a family’s pit bull. According to KCBS, the cousin of the young boy and another relative were babysitting the 5-year-old right before he was killed. They said they stepped out of the room for a second to get a video game controller, but when they re-entered the room, the pit bull had its jaws around the little boy’s neck. The family said it had the 12-year-old pit bull since it was a puppy and trusted it around children. “All we did was step out for two seconds,” one of the relatives told KCBS. The relative declined to be identified on camera. “It hurts. It really hurts.” The relative said the dog had never hurt anyone before, claiming it wasn’t vicious. The family signed the pit bull’s ownership over to animal control and the dog was taken away. Police are now investigating the circumstances surrounding the deadly dog attack.

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