If you operate outside the law, do yourself a favor and do nothing, say nothing and drive nothing that will give you unwanted attention.
22-year-old Marina McCarthy and her 27-year-old boyfriend Dakota Dunning apparently didn’t think of this – or were too hopped-up on something to care.
The car they were driving had a temporary registration plate, which already kind of sticks out in a crowd, but theirs wasn’t visible. This is illegal. As you’d guess, they were pulled over.
While the two were being detained and their backgrounds checked, it was further revealed that the vehicle was unregistered and uninsured. Oh…and the two of them each had warrants out for their arrest from previous brushes with the law.
Officers began to believe there was a good chance drugs were nearby when they noticed fresh needle tracks on Mr. Dunning. A K-9 confirmed as much, the two were arrested, and taken to Glen Rock Police Department in New Jersey.
When detectives reviewed CCTV footage from inside the vehicle carrying the pair, they found that Ms. McCarthy (who had been cuffed in front because she was six months pregnant) had been fidgeting with her zipper and had been stuffing packages down her pants.
After this discovery, Marina was escorted to a bathroom by a female officer and guarded as she retrieved 89 packets of heroin from her nether regions. According to a witness, the packets were so tightly packed together that the entire bundle was no bigger than a large piece of candy.
Afterwards, Ms. McCarthy was checked by medics and refused transport to a hospital.
She was charged with possession of a controlled substance and was released pending her court appearance today. She paid off her previous warrants with a check.
Mr. Dunning was given tickets for his violations and was likewise released until his court date today. He was given a new court date for his prior warrants and his car was impounded.
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