“Give me $1,100 now,” the stickup note said.

The teller counted out $2,000.

No, said the white-haired, white-bearded bandit, clad in a blue, short-sleeve T-shirt that said “Trump” and “Make America Great Again.” Just $1,100.

It was the retired air-conditioning worker’s status as a regular at a nearby sports bar that did him in, his arrest report said. Once arrested, Hawkins told Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigators, “I will make this easy.”

He pulled from his pocket a tattered bank deposit slip, the report said. Handwritten on the back: “Give me $1,100 now. No alarms. Hope to get caught.”

Hawkins’ life changed in September 2013 when Linda, his wife since 1997, died of cancer at 70, former landlord Scott Vail said Wednesday.

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