An elderly convicted sex offender was caught at a public pool exposing himself and fondling himself in front of at least two underage teen girls.

90-year-old Lloyd K. Rudy has been charged with fifth-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony, in connection with the incident that occurred this past Tuesday at the Edina Aquatic Center’s municipal pool.

A 14-year-old girl and a 17-year-old girl told cops that they’d seen Mr. Rudy fondling himself and “looking around the pool area,” according to the criminal complaint.

When he was questioned by responding officers, he admitted to touching himself while watching “pretty ladies” at the pool.

He was arrested and was found to have a bag with him that had three sex toys in it.

He was booked into jail before bonding out later that evening.

He was convicted back in 1983 on a second-degree criminal sexual conduct charge. It was because of that conviction that this one was made a felony.


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