STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A 25-year-old Port Richmond man may be his own worst enemy after he allegedly walked into a bank, screamed “this is a robbery” and posted video of the incident to Instagram. District Attorney Michael E. McMahon upgraded charges to include attempted robbery for Augustin Nadreau, 25, of the 100 block of Treadwell Avenue, in connection with the bizarre incidents that happened minutes apart last Thursday afternoon in West Brighton at Northfield Bank and Victory State Bank.

The new charges affected the status of a case where Nadreau allegedly threatened in 2018 to bomb a bank if he didn’t receive $1 million in cash. Last Thursday, Nadreau entered the Northfield bank at 519 Forest Ave. at 1:24 p.m., according to the criminal complaint and police. “This is a mother f—–g robbery,” Nadreau said before leaving without any loot, according to the complaint. Nadreau then went to Victory State Bank at 755 Forest Ave. at about 1:28 p.m. He spoke to a teller and then walked away while allegedly screaming, “This is a mother f—–g robbery. Everyone put your hands on the floor.” The suspect left Victory without stealing anything, police said. Nadreau apparently took a selfie during the Victory incident and posted the video on his own Instagram page.

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