A father is accused of killing his adopted five-year-old daughter, who was severely disabled, sexually assaulting her so violently that she died as a result.

The man, identified only as Denis by news outlets the village of Gnilushi in Russia, had beaten her savagely before the sexual assault.

He only stopped and took her to hospital when he realized she was bleeding profusely.

Medics say she died from massive internal injuries and blood loss.

“The autopsy results said the girl died from internal bleeding caused by the fracture of internal organs,” a police spokesperson said.

“Denis has admitted his guilt. He has been detained.”

He and his wife adopted the girl from an orphanage and had four other children previously.

The young victim was so disabled that she could barely hold a spoon or talk.

Neighbors described them couple as “good, religious people.”

The four other children have been removed from the home.

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