Alabama parents, Mike Holton and  April Holton, were fatally shot in the head in their home this past Sunday.

Mr. Holton was pronounced dead at the scene, while Mrs. Holton died Monday.

17-year-old Jesse Holton, the couple’s oldest child, was taken into custody Monday for firing the fatal shots after, at the request of his parents, an Elmore County deputy visited the the home on Sunday afternoon.

His parents were extremely upset after finding drugs and drug paraphernalia left over from a party that they believed he’d thrown.

When the requested deputy arrived that fateful Sunday afternoon, Mr. Holton greeted him outside and told him, “Hey look, trying to teach my son a lesson, when you go in, I’ve pretty much handcuffed him and put him on the couch,'” according to Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin.

The deputy collected evidence and left the scene. Both parents then walked the deputy to his car, leaving Jesse alone inside.

Just 20 minutes after the deputy left, there was another call, but this time from the Holton’s neighbor. There’d purportedly been “some mayhem” at the home, according to Sheriff Franklin.

The same deputy returned to the scene and found that both of the parents had been shot in the head with “the family gun”.

The suspect has denied pulling the trigger, but, according to the sheriff, the wounds weren’t consistent with a murder-suicide.

It’s unclear, thus far, what transpired after the Holtons walked back inside their home. Their bodies were found on their bedroom floor.

Jesse has shown no emotion whatsoever, according to Sheriff Franklin

He has, for what little it’s worth, admitted to having anger management issues.

“As long as he smokes his marijuana and takes his pills, he’s okay,” Franklin says Jesse told him. “But, when he doesn’t, he becomes more irate.”

His bond has been set at $150,000.


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