An Alabama couple allegedly overdosed on heroin in the Ohio hospital room of their daughter who was there for surgery to correct an abnormally narrow trachea.

Cincinnati police were summoned to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center at about 11:30 a.m. on January 7th about a possible overdose.

Upon arrival, they found Mary Ann Landers dead on the floor and her husband with a needle sticking out of her arm, and her husband Wesley unresponsive in the bathroom with a needle sticking out of his arm.

Wesley was revived at the scene and treated at another hospital, then charged.


It seems there was a gun found in the bathroom with him. Officers also found a gun in Mary’s purse.

Firearms aren’t allowed in the hospital, according to several signs throughout the facility.

The couple, who also have a second daughter, had traveled from Alabama to Cincinnati for their daughter’s tracheal reconstructive surgery.

Wesley was arraigned Friday on charges of possession of drugs, carrying a concealed weapon, having weapons while under disability, and possessing drug abuse instruments.

His bond was set at $500,000 and he’s still in custody.

He’s due back in court on January 19th.

Their daughter’s surgery was successful and she’s recovering.