A drugged-out Alabama man is accused of murdering five people who were trying to protecting his girlfriend, and used an ax to finish them off.

27-year-old Derrick Dearman shot all of his victims, two women and two men, in an out-of-the-way rural home early Saturday, then hit them all with an ax to ensure they were all dead. One of the victims, Chelsea Reed, was five months pregnant.


After killing the five people, he kidnapped Laneta Lester, his girlfriend, and one of the female victims’ baby. He then drove them to his father’s house in Mississippi before turning himself in.

Ms. Lester had hidden out in the Alabama home to escape from Dearman, who was allegedly abusing her. Someone in that home called police to report the suspect lurking around on the property. He vanished, however, by the time officers had arrived.

Around 1:15 a.m., he re-emerged and broke into the house.


The madman blamed the group killing on a bad meth trip. He said to reporters after his arrest, “Don’t do drugs.”

He’s been charged with six counts of capital murder and was denied bond Wednesday in court. He didn’t utter a word or show any emotions.


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