A tattooed drifter, who purportedly changed his legal name from Daniel Selvovich to Pirate, is alleged to have kidnapped a woman and repeatedly raped her in his remote Alaskan cabin for about five weeks.

The 37-year-old met with the unnamed victim on September 26th in a U-haul truck. While it isn’t clear if or how long they knew each other or where she traveled from, it does appear it started out as a consensual meet-up.

Soon after, the woman claims they spent a few days at a motel in Fairbanks, Alaska where they had consensual sex. Then, on October 1st, they flew to his remote cabin.

They lived in a tent for a week or so while his cabin was being insulated. That’s when the victim’s alleged hell began.

According to the arrest affidavit, Daniel tied a rope around her neck which he also tied to a support beam above. Then he’d tie her hands together so she couldn’t move. At night, he’d literally duct tape her to himself.

He’s said to have beaten her using his fists and a belt, as well as kicked and bit her repeatedly. At one point, he even told her he’d cut her face off.

She claims she was raped up to six times a day, 40 or so times a week, and was convinced he was going to kill her.

At some point, she was able to reach a friend via Facebook Messenger on either a mobile device or computer, how and where is unclear at this point, and said they needed a medical evacuation.


Poor weather stopped a military helicopter from Fort Wainwright from making the trip that Saturday, but it picked them up the following day.

It took them both to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for treatment. What ailments or injuries Selovich had are unclear.

On November 8th, he was finally arrested. When police searched the cabin, they found a knife, duct tape, and a length of rope tied to the roof beam.

At his hearing Tuesday at Fairbanks Superior Court, he denied charges of rape, kidnapping, sexual assault, and assault.

His trial was scheduled for late January.

He’d had a similar run-in before, it turns out. He was arrested and charged with rape six long years after allegedly committing the crime in Redding, California in 2004.

The rape charge was dropped and he was sentenced to four years for the assault.

The second photo above is his mugshot from the earlier incident.

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