What would you do if your girl was being held behind bars and you just wanted to bail her out? Sell all of your possessions? Beg and borrow from friends and family? Steal? Well, that’s what 26-year-old Robert Phillip Rivas did.
He donned a wig, fake moustache and a hat, and along with 28-year-old Armando Jesse Ambriz, who added a fake beard and bright orange construction vest for good measure, proceeded to hold up the Utah Community Credit Union located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. They then high-tailed it out of there.
Armando was arrested very soon thereafter, still in disguise, as he walked past a police station.

Ol’ Robert Rivas, on the other hand, used his newfound loot to bail his lover girl out. He was later detained as well, though.

The two Einsteins were charged with felony robbery and obstruction of justice..

Robert’s girlfriend, who’s not been named because she is now considered a witness, remains free from her former gray-bar hotel.

“I don't know what her plans are now that he’s looking at some prison time,” Lt. Britt Smith quipped.