I liked what he said about Mammogram – how it can cause cancer..

Toxemia in the body.. Baking soda – cures cancer.
Oxygen in body – Alkaline – the body – Cancer stops – Levels – Alkaline Diet 7.36 is ideal 7.5 during healing – Alkaline – must be balanced
Vitamin C is good for Heart Cardiovascular problems
Vitamin C is the BEST HEALER
Natural Vitamin E = Corrects high Blood Pressure
This is well worth listening to.
RAW FOOD / VEGAN DIET / Day Light Diet – Paul
Drink 1 Gal of water with – 1/2 teaspoon of SEA SALT

He explains about why table salt is NOT good.. it contains 1/3 SAND that scrapes your arteries and causes bleeding.

Only use RAW SEA SALT is his recommendation.
Medical Doctors are a business.

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