An Arizona grandmother has been arrested, accused of smuggling $500,000 dollars worth of cocaine through Detroit’s Metro Airport on Friday morning.

Authorities became suspicious of 63-year-old Cheryl Cheatham when they say she started acting strange after arriving in Detroit from Las Vegas.

She was arrested after officers followed her from the airport to a hotel nearby.

A search of her car as she left the hotel turned up 17 kilos of cocaine in her suitcases.

Her defense attorney has argued that she has serious mental health problems, and that it appears she was a drug mule.

Investigators say that, among other bizarre behavior after landing, she acted as though she hadn’t owned her luggage for very long; closely inspecting the tags of other bags first at baggage claim.

At one point, while leaving the airport, she’s said to have paused, looking like she was making sure she wasn’t being followed.

She’s been charged with one count of possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

She appeared in federal court Monday for a detention hearing on her charges. The judge denied her bond. This is based partially on the fact that, since 1986, she’s been convicted of shoplifting, theft, selling and possessing drugs and failing to appear in court seven times.

She also served six and a half years in prison for theft.