Ramon Cummings is a maximum security inmate in Phoenix’s Fourth Avenue Jail. He’s in there for murder accusations in the past, gang activity, and sexual assault.

Well, this didn’t stop the jail’s nurse from taking a liking to the man. This was discovered when his cell was tossed on September 29th and nude photos of her were found.

37-year-old Lytonya Hickbottom was arrested Tuesday after she “admitted that she gave photos of herself to another inmate to pass along to her incarcerated paramour,” Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office officials said.

She’d also put $100 into his account and had agreed to smuggle drugs into the jail for him.


It was on September 3rd that deputies received a tip about the nefarious relationship. They then confirmed the allegations by monitoring phone calls between the two.

When detectives from the professional standards bureau questioned her about the photos – showing them to her – she said that not all of them were of her.

She’s now charged with promoting prison contraband and an internal affairs court case is coming.

Correctional Health services gave her the boot in the meantime.