An Arizona man and woman are in trouble after placing an online ad in the hopes of finding a dog for the woman to have sex with.

Scott Brister and Rhonda Romine were arrested Friday after a detective responded to the ad.

The ad was placed on a bestiality website by Mr. Brister looking for the “services of a dog” to have sexual intercourse with his “sex slave,” Ms. Romine.

He wanted to film the taboo and illegal sexual act between the canine and Romine.

The detective responded to the ad, pretending to be interested and e-mailed back and forth several times with Brister.

During that e-mail exchange, Brister even asked if the man was a cop.

Photos of a dog that was going to be used were sent to him.

“You think this will work for (your) slave?” the detective wrote in an e-mail.

“Yes it will,” Brister replied.

Brister and Romine then drove to a hotel and met with the undercover detective. Detectives had brought an abused dog that had been seized to that meeting. After a short discussion, the disgusting couple were arrested.

The dog used in the case wasn’t harmed.

Brister was booked into jail on a class 3 felony for arranging the encounter.

Romine was booked on a class 6 felony for conspiracy to commit bestiality.

They’ve both admitted to their crimes.


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