A man with a penchant for – and apparently a long habit of – bestiality has been nabbed by Arizona law enforcement after a two-month-long investigation in which he arranged to trade sex with his dog for sex with a farmer’s dogs, miniature horses, and goats.

56-year-old James Allen Darland was apprehended Monday after detectives placed an ad in Darland’s native Mount Vernon, Washington area offering up sex with various animals on a farm for sex with someone’s dog. He answered the ad and readily offered up his dog, affectionately known as Playmate, in exchange for the barnyard fun.

Police say he talked about having sex with his own dog recently, as well as discussing sex acts he planned to perform with an unneutered dog that an undercover detective had brought to their meeting.

During the investigation, Darland revealed to the man, who he thought owned the farm, that he’d been a delivery driver for ‘a nationally known package delivery service’ for 23 years. He told story after story about how he’d often had sex with customers’ dogs while on his routes. He said he also captured stray dogs for the same purpose.

When he was arrested, authorities immediately took his dog away from him and sent it to the Arizona Humane Society for an examination.

“We clearly confirmed his intentions to commit this crime by statements, recorded phone calls and videos, e-mails and actions witnessed by my detective, leaving no doubt in his mind that Darland fully intended to carry out his perversion by committing the crime of bestiality,” Sheriff Arpaio said in a statement.

He was charged with felony conspiracy to commit bestiality.