36-year-old Jeanette Salas Woods likely scared a 16-year-old boy within an inch of his life and beat him pretty close to that mark as well.

It all happened when she found the young man in bed with her 16-year-old daughter on Thanksgiving morning.

She straddled him and started punching him repeatedly while screaming at him.

When the boy was finally able to break free, he grabbed his jeans and ran for his life. Leaving his phone, the rest of his clothes, and even his car behind as he ran with her still on his tail.

She chased him down the street, still beating him until the boy vomited. She finally stopped and then told him she’d get her cousins to “take care of him.”

She then grabbed a baseball bat and took out the rest of her aggression on his car, before moving it down the street a bit so it wasn’t in front of her house anymore.

When the boy contacted police, they arrived on the scene and found shards of glass where his car had originally been, eventually locating it down the street.

She did roughly $5,300 worth of damage to the car and he says there were valuables missing from it.

She initially denied any of the things she’d done, before finally coming clean, but denied taking any valuables from the car. She then gave him back the belongings he’d left in the bedroom during his hasty retreat.

She was arrested last week and is now facing charges of criminal damage, assault, and unlawful means of transporting a car.


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