A young Arkansas man who’s accused of emptying his water cup and replacing it with soda, is facing a charge of robbery for it.

18-year-old Cody Morris and two partners in crime asked for water when they came through the drive-thru.

According to the restaurant manager, the three then parked the car and came inside, dumped out said water, and filling their cups with the brown bubbly.

When the eagle-eyed manager spotted the bandits and insisted they return the soda, Cody was the only one who didn’t comply.

The manager even resorted to running out into the parking lot and trying to block Cody’s car from leaving, but he just put it in reverse and bumped the overly aggressive McDouchebag twice before speeding off.

Police found his car at a nearby bowling alley. and arrested him.

He was charged with felony robbery. It’s unclear whether he’ll face any additional charges.


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