A Knox County Sheriff’s deputy in Tennessee has been exonerated after bodycam footage showed how the entire event in question unfolded.

On the night of November 8th, the unnamed officer pulled over Margaret McElhinny for a DUI check. Once she got to the jail, she claimed she’d been groped and fondled.

The video shows her pulling over on the wrong side of the road off of Highway 33 in Halls. While the deputy was taking her information, she gave a fake name.

“That accusation hanging over an officer’s head can be very detrimental to his career. This is a good officer who did absolutely nothing wrong and was accused of a vile crime, a Class B felony. This is very serious and these cameras we put in place to protect the public from bad officers and to protect our officers from the bad public,” said Chief of Administration at KCSO, Lee Tramel.

She was arrested and charged with making a false report, a Class D felony, which can mean one to three years in prison.

The officer’s name wasn’t released because he was the victim.

Margaret McElhinny’s history shows her as a habitual motor vehicle offender. Her license has been revoked with DUIs going back as far as 1997.


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