On July 1, 2013, Kelly Emery, 34, of Frankley, Worcestershire, was like most mothers in at least one way: she just needed some peace and quiet and a little break from the chaos that comes with raising two children.
Where she differs from just about every mother on the planet is that she wanted to get this peace and quiet so that she could do some crack cocaine. In keeping with that separation from the norm, she decided the best way to achieve this ‘peace’ was to give her youngest some methadone (a heroin substitute) to make him sleep. But 2-year-old Fenton Hogan never awoke.

She is currently on trial at Nottingham Crown Court for charges of manslaughter stemming from that tragic day, but denies manslaughter. She, instead, has pleaded guilty to gross negligence.

Kelly’s own mother is doing her no favors whatsoever. Yes, the grandmother of the deceased infant told the court that her daughter ‘cared more about drugs than her children’ and that the child and his older sister were ‘an inconvenience’ to Kelly. Giving further details and background, the elder Emery explained to the court that her daughter would regularly call her up looking for money, claiming it was for electricity, food or gas; that the house was always a mess, and that she did nothing to make sure her children even had clean clothes to wear. She also claimed Kelly had been addicted to drugs since she was 17, and had lately been developing scabs on her arms and face.

The court was curious as to how Kelly afforded this habit. Her mother replied (in addition to asking her for the money), “Selling herself, basically.”

The only positive thing, if you can call it that, that her mother had to say was that she didn’t believe that Kelly had wanted young Fenton to die.

She had been referred to Birmingham Social Services, but she didn’t bother telling them of her concerns because past referrals had ‘led nowhere.’

An autopsy revealed that the baby had ingested methadone at least twice before succumbing to it.

The trial is ongoing.

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