Brooklyn College is advising New York City Police officers to use bathrooms out of sight from students to avoid possibly offending them. Students said the NYPD “made safe spaces not feel safe.”

The university released its advisory to the NYPD after students attending a screening about a film on the police department’s surveillance of Muslim students became hypervigilant toward the presence of law enforcement on campus.

Writing in The Excelsior late last week and covered by Campus Reform Monday, the school’s Director of Public Safety, Donald Wenz, stated that the school would “prefer” if members of the NYPD used toilets in the West End Building, far away from students. He advised police not to walk “across either quad to use the bathroom.”

Wenz’s comments follow a screening of a movie called “Watched,” which follows an NYPD informant who surveilled Muslim students as part of New York City’s counterterrorism initiatives.


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