He claims he never saw her.

75-year-old Carol Bell, using a walker, was crossing Fulton Street near Sackman Street in Ocean Hill at 6:15 a.m. when the driver of a Brooklyn MTA city bus mowed her down. Witnesses say it cut her in half.

The driver, 48-year-old Paul Roper, was turning left when he ran into her, killing her. He then returned to the bus depot, never reporting the incident.

“He just kept on going,” Ramon Garcia, a witness said. “He never realized what had happened. It’s a big machine. I guess you don’t feel something like that.”

Witnesses say, and surveillance video of the incident shows, that Mr. Roper stopped briefly, but then kept going.


“She was cut in half … definitely in half,” Garcia said. “I tried to help her but she was too bloody. There was a lot of blood.”

According to officials, roughly three hours later, the bus was back out on its route and picking up passengers, about seven miles from the scene of the grisly tragedy.

Roper, a 15-year veteran of the MTA, faces up to seven years in prison after being charged with leaving the scene of an accident, and failure to yield to a pedestrian and exercise due care.

The victim’s daughter, 51-year-old Alisa Bell, was told by witnesses that Roper, driving a 30,000-pound vehicle, probably thought he’d hit a bag of garbage.

“I don’t have a mother! How does he feel?” she said. “She was a woman on a walker. How could he mistake her for garbage? It’s a homicide. I want him to go away for life.”

Everything hinges on the prosecutors now.


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