28-year-old Renaud Junior Plaisir of New Hampshire was apprehended on Tuesday morning after he was found by home owners John and Elinor Terrell fast asleep in their guest bedroom with items that he stole from their house all around him.

The couple were asleep when Plaisir entered their home in Manchester and raided the house. He ate some leftover chicken wings from the fridge, left his shoes in the hallway, and went to take a nap in the couple’s guest bedroom. Plaisir was found with a knife tucked into his back pocket and a collection of stolen items surrounding him. The items included were from John’s office and briefcase, over $100 in cash, and two bottles of cologne.

The Police also found stolen goods in a backpack Plaisir was carrying, including credit cards. They are investigating whether or not he is linked to other crimes. Plaisir appeared in court Tuesday on burglary charges and is being held on a bond of $25,000.