Ambridge, Pa. – A South Carolina native on the run from Pennsylvania police for over two weeks was caught Tuesday in Youngstown, Ohio, after posting status updates on social media.
“We like it when dumb criminals assist us in our investigation,” said Ambridge police Chief James Mann.
Donald Harrison, 22, was wanted for crimes he committed against a woman on Jan. 24, which included simple assault, unlawful restraint and reckless endangerment.
During Harrison's daring escape, the lamebrain criminal posted two status updates on Facebook that helped lead police to his whereabouts. The one status update from Harrison stated, “IT'S TIME TO LEAVE PA.” The next, a picture captioned with, “OMW TO SPARTANSBURG SC SAY A PRAYER FOR ME.”
Acting on a hunch, Pennsylvania police called Greyhound and confirmed that there was indeed a bus heading to Spartanburg that would first pit stop in Youngstown.
That's all Pennsylvania police had to hear. They faxed Youngstown police department a warrant for Harrison's arrest. And then, Youngstown police waited for Harrison's arrival.