A former California police officer has been arrested and booked on suspicion of a staggering 22 felonies related to raping and sexual battering of five women while on duty. He was also in uniform.

31-year-old Noah Winchester was apprehended Thursday morning on an arrest warrant that included charges of rape, kidnapping, and sexual battery; all while on duty.

He’s alleged to have preyed on women who were poor and “down on their luck,” including one who was homeless. He would spy on them on the street before insisting they come with him — often threatening them with arrest if they didn’t.

While the women were of several different races and ages, their similarities are that they’d all been down on their luck and were struggling to survive. None of the victims were prostitutes.

His alleged crimes were committed in two cities. In Sacramento and in San Mateo.

The San Mateo Police Department put him on leave after he’d been accused of sexual assault in early 2015. He resigned back in February of this year.

He’s being held in the San Joaquin County Jail on $3.1 million bail.


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