A married police officer in Indio, California police officer has been arrested after allegedly raping his 18-year-old female cousin at his home. If that weren’t bad enough, his wife is alleged to have helped him cover it up.

34-year-old Sergio Ramirez is alleged to have raped the 18-year-old victim who was staying at his home starting in June. She’d planned to stay there until August 8th, when she was going to move off to college.

But on August 6th, she says Ramirez came into her room in the early morning hours while she was sleeping and laid down next to her.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable with this, she moved to another room and fell asleep on a couch. She awoke shortly thereafter to find Mr. Ramirez sexually assaulting her.

According to the report, “she could not believe he was doing this because he has been such a positive role model for her and he is a police officer. She viewed him as a father figure.”

After the assault, she went to a friend’s house, then to Eisenhower Medical Center to undergo a sexual assault exam.

Ramirez is then alleged to have asked his wife through text messages to lie to cops. She also purportedly washed the clothes that the victim had been wearing during the assault.

Other family members have already attempted to talk the victim out of trying to move forward with the case and worried about her safety because Ramirez knew where she lived.

When deputies were unable to locate one of his firearms, it only persuaded them more to try to get her to abandon the case.

He was arrested on August 31st and charged with rape by force or fear, oral copulation by force or violence and forcible sexual penetration. He was released the next day on $85,000 bail.

His court date has been set for October 14th.


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