A Muslim couple in San Jose, California were found murdered at their home on April 24th and their two sons have been arrested and charged for it.

22-year-old Hasib Bin Golam Rabbi (above) and his unnamed 17-year-old brother were taken into custody Thursday for the murder of 57-year-old Shamima Rabbi and and her husband, 59-year-old Golam Rabbi (below).

Their nephew found them dead near the laundry room. Both had been shot at least once.

It’s not yet clear when they were killed, but family and friends had entered the house on Sunday through an unlocked sliding glass door after they’d not heard from nor seen the couple for several days.


A note found next to the bodies read, “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy”. A second one said, “I can’t be like you, telling a lie. I can’t love someone without telling them”.

The whole situation seems to have arisen from the purported fact that the elder son was gay and his parents had been none too happy about it.

Hasib Rabbi, whose listed in records as Hasib Golamrabbi, is being held in the County of Santa Clara Jail without bail and is due in court today.

His younger brother is being held at a juvenile detention center.


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