A California man has been taken into custody after allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. He called the cops himself when she escaped.

50-year-old Timothy Marble called the cops after the girl jumped out of his moving vehicle and ran.

After deputies arrived and were talking with him, the young girl came out of the bushes. She was covered in scratches from the pavement and told the deputies that he’d raped her. He was immediately arrested.

After the victim was treated and released from a hospital, detectives interviewed her. They were told that she’d run away on March 30th after getting in an argument with her mother. At roughly 3 a.m. on March 31st, she was at a gas station when she met the suspect and they talked. He eventually convinced her to get into his truck to give her a ride.

He gave her a ride to an unknown location out in the country where they smoked weed together. He then, according to the girl, made sexual advances towards her which she says she rejected. She claims he then tied her to a tree and raped her.

He drove her around afterward and talked her to into using meth. He injected the dangerous drug into her himself.

She claims they then drove around some more, and at some point, he took a razor blade and made minor cuts on her leg. While at it, he cut his name into her skin. Detectives were still able to read it.

He then allegedly raped her at least two more times.

When she jumped out of his moving truck and ran into the bushes, he called out to her. When she didn’t answer, he said he was going kill her, then called 911.

Mr. Marble was charged with numerous counts of sexual acts with a minor, kidnapping, and child abuse. He now resides in the Sonoma County Jail with no bail.