A Fresno, California teacher was arrested last week for performing sex acts on a 14-year-old student at least three times.

30-year-old Justine Nelson was booked and released this past Thursday, and was charged with one count of oral copulation with a minor, and two counts of possession of child pornography.

Mrs. Nelson, who’s married, admitted to cops that she and the boy had a relationship.

Her relationship with the teen started last spring while he was a student in her class.

The two engaged in sexual activity at Tenaya Middle School, where Nelson’s a part-time teacher.

She performed a sex act on him at least three times, then sent him nude photos over the summer. He purportedly posted them online

The victim is now in high school and no longer attends Tenaya Middle School, where, thus far, Mrs. Nelson still has a job.

When he posted the photos online, some of his fellow students saw them, prompting the vice principal to notify police.

Authorities are still investigating to see if there are other victims.


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