A California mother has been taken into custody after a two-day search for her. She was being sought for inexplicably abandoning her two-year-old daughter at a grocery store.

31-year-old Chiengkham Vilaysane was found and arrested late Tuesday.

She stands accused of leaving her daughter in a grocery store on Sunday night. She’d been seen at the store with the girl when the youngster strayed away from her mother.

Luckily, someone found the girl and brought her back to Ms. Vilaysane. But upon receiving her daughter back safely, she reportedly said, “Oh, just leave her.”

She then went to the checkout counter and left the girl behind.

The girl was shown surveillance footage to try and determine who her mother was. She found her mother in that footage.

On Tuesday, a bank teller saw the toddler’s mother and called the cops.

She was questioned, then arrested on two felony counts of child neglect and willfully harming a child.

She has priors for drug and alcohol-related offenses.


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