In an unspeakable act, a California mother placed her 4-week-old daughter into a microwave and cooked her for up to five minutes.

34-year-old Ka Yang, a married mother of three, killed Mirabelle Thao-Lo had initially told investigators that she was holding her baby when she (mom) had a seizure. She said that she awoke to find her baby “wounded” next to a space heater.

Ms. Yang does have a history of seizures, but paramedics on the scene say she didn’t show signs of having had one.

After being confronted with all of the evidence, as well as a pacifier being found in the microwave, she confessed to her crime. She then said she had multiple personalities.

The infant had burns to 60-80% of her body and even her internal organs showed signs of her time in the microwave.

She’s married and has three children.

She was convicted of first-degree murder and assault to a child and was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison.


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