Police from Gates, NY have released the details of an unusual case: the same woman was caught drunk

driving twice in less than 3 hours.The woman in question, 26 year old Catherine Butler, was pulled over for driving with her lights off

around 2 AM last Saturday morning while coming from a Halloween party, according to investigators. It became clear that she was intoxicated, and she was charged with a DWI.



After a friend picked her up from the local police station, Butler was back on the road again around 5 AM the same morning. Police pulled her over because she was swerving in and out of lanes on Buffalo Road. Once again, she was given a DWI.Records indicate that Butler now has 4 DWI’s to her name: the two from this past weekend, one in 2011

in Brighton, and one in 2006 in Gates. A court date has been set for Butler next month.