A mother from Colorado has been arrested and charged with abuse after a shocking and ickening video of her berating her 2-year-old son and threatening him with bodily harm…all over a missing phone charger…went viral.

27-year-old Kristina Flores-Kennedy was arrested on Wednesday after her roommate posted the video online  to get the toddler help.

In the video, the little boy can be heard screaming while Ms. Flores-Kennedy yells, “Shut up, you fucking pussy”, calls him a “bitch,” and threatens to kill him because he purportedly lost her phone charger.

At one point in the video, she can be seen on a crutch, and bending over him and punching him several times, saying, “Stand up, you fucking bitch!” She’s on permanent disability for scoliosis and cerebral palsy.

Before that, she throws a booster chair into the playpen, picking it up and slamming it down again shortly after as the boy continues to scream and cry.

When she was arrested, officers found the boy with bruises on both arms, one leg, and dark spots on his forehead.

Authorities were alerted to the footage on May 9th when a man who said he knew Kristina showed it to them. It had been recorded on April 30th.

According to the woman who took the footage, identified only as Sue, she gave it to the man and told him to hand it to authorities out of fear for her own safety.

Sue was living with Ms. Flores-Kennedy at the time, along with her teenage son, who can also be seen in the video.

Sue says Kristina had been abusive before, and that she’d discussed the abuse with her, but felt unable to do anything about it she is disabled and feared for her safety and her son’s.

She added that she uploaded the video to Facebook after she felt the police weren’t acting fast enough to remove the child.

Since the footage appeared online, Sue got what she assumed she’d get; threats from Flores-Kennedy.

After being arrested, Kristina told officers that she’d “lost her temper” and admitted being in the wrong, saying she was ready to “take responsibility” for her actions.

She also admitted that social services has been involved with her and her son in the past, then repeated the accusation that her son lost her phone charger, saying that he later found it for her.

She made her first court appearance on Thursday.

She showed no emotion as a judge ordered her to have no contact with her son or anyone under 18.

She’s been charged with two misdemeanor counts of child abuse, and one count of attempted child abuse. She’s being held in lieu of a $3,000 bond.

The child has now been placed in the temporary custody of a relative.

The boy’s father, who wasn’t aware of the treatment or video until recently, says he’s trying to get full custody of his son.


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