A Colorado police officer, Denver to be exact, was taken into custody Friday after his own body camera caught him stealing $1,200 from a suspect who’d crashed his vehicle trying to flee.

48-year-old Officer Julian Archuleta could be seen in the video taking cash from the suspect’s pockets after it was removed by paramedics during an October 7th shooting investigation. Officer Archuleta had been called to take photographs of the scene and the suspect’s vehicle after it crashed during a pursuit.

Archuleta’s own body camera was on for over 24 minutes as he searched the suspect’s car and clothing. It then showed him find a stack of cash with a $100 bill on top.

A detective who collected the cash and logged it into evidence, however, found no $100 bills whatsoever. Archuleta had made no note of a $100 bill in his written account of the crime scene either. When the detective viewed Archuleta’s body cam footage, he contacted internal affairs.

After he was called into internal affairs, he contacted a police union representative to let him know that he was being investigated for theft. He contacted that union representative again an hour later to say he’d found $1,200 that “must have fallen in his bag.”

He then turned the money over to internal affairs but has refused to speak to investigators.

Officer Archuleta, an officer since 2004, was suspended without pay. The department has thus far refused to release the body camera footage because it’s evidence in the ongoing criminal case.

He’s been charged with theft, official misconduct, and tampering with physical evidence.


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