Police in the U.K are asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of 53-year-old serial torturer Martin Joseph Hamilton, also called ‘The Blackhill Butcher,’ to please contact them.

Scotland police are warning members of the public not to approach him, as he can be extremely dangerous.

Hamilton has a long history of torturing and assaulting his victims and ran a network of teenaged drug dealers in Edinburgh and in Blackhill, North Glasgow. He was on trial in 2000 for his regular habit of abducting young men and raping them at gunpoint.

One of Hamilton’s associates cut off a young man’s finger and tried to gouge his eye out with a spoon. Another male victim was held prisoner for a week and repeatedly raped. Two more victims were stabbed in the face, then ordered to stand in a bath so they wouldn’t bleed on the carpet.

Hamilton was convicted of torture, assault, abduction, and drug dealing and was jailed for life with a nine-year minimum term. Despite the convictions, however, he was released from prison after the witnesses were threatened with murder.

He is now on the run and the police urgently need your help to put him back in prison. If anyone wishes to provide information anonymously, they may do so through Crime Stoppers by calling 0800 555 111.