Hilery and Andrew Maison of Port Huron, Michigan, will be standing trial on murder, abuse, torture, and child abuse charges in connection to the death of their five-year-old daughter, Mackenzie. Hilery is not the child’s biological mother.

On May 25th, the couple called the police when they realized that little Mackenzie had become unresponsive. On arrival to the scene, paramedics observed that the child had been dead for more than 20 minutes when the call for help had been made.

The infant had a severe case of pneumonia and was very malnourished. She weighed just 25 pounds when the paramedics found her; about 15 pounds under the average weight of a five-year-old – around 40 pounds.

The authorities believe the abuse and neglect against Mackenzie went on for months, maybe even years.

Mackenzie was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Judge Michael Hulewicz found that there was enough evidence against Hilery and Andrew to send them to trial on all counts.