37-year-old Donald Jordan and 49-year-old Lisa Spirella, a Florida couple, spent a night living it up and getting drunk at the Seminole Hard Rock & Casino. When they apparently decided to call it a night, they chose, of all places, a dumpster at a gas station near Tampa to sleep it off. As fate would have it, they happened to have chosen trash day to do it.
At approximately 5 am, Progressive Waste Solutions driver Radmas Valasquez was making his rounds and emptied the unlucky couple’s makeshift bedroom into his garbage truck. Luckily, this woke the couple up and they started screaming and banging on the sides of the truck. When Valasquez was unable to remove the trapped couple, he called the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office who then summoned rescuers.
According to a Hillsborough Country Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, it was believed the couple were homeless. They weren’t. They were just really, really drunk.
“I almost killed both of them,” Valasquez said, noting that he was about to compact the trash when he heard their screams.
The couple, who are actually from Kissimmee, Florida – about 75 miles away – were then transported to Tampa General Hospital complaining of back pain.
According to Kissimmee court records obtained by The Smoking Gun, both of the victims have rap sheets. Ms. Sirabella’s included prior arrests for loitering, battery, resisting arrest, theft and drunk driving. Mr. Jordan’s included being collared for loitering, trespass, cocaine possession, panhandling, battery, disorderly conduct and drinking in public. They were not arrested for this incident.