FROM THE PERSON THAT FILMED: “I seriously thought this would never happen in my lifetime. Turns out they were angry over chicken nuggets. Hahahahaha”

INDIANAPOLIS — Police say two women climbed in the drive-thru window at an Indianapolis McDonalds and assaulted an employee because they didn’t get their chicken McNuggets.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers were called to the McDonald’s at the intersection of N. Meridian Street and 16th Street just after 3 a.m. Friday morning.



A fantasist who made up bogus rape and sex assault claims against 15 men in three years for ‘attention’ has been jailed for 10 years.
Jemma Beale claimed to be a lesbian with ‘no desire’ to sleep with men and lodged deceitful complaints to police that led to one of her victims, Mahad Cassim, serving two years in jail.

Beale, from west London, was even awarded £11,000 in compensation while Mr. Cassim languished behind bars.
She told police Mr. Cassim raped her after offering to give her a lift home – but in fact, she got out of the car and told him: ‘Get your pants down.’

The 25-year-old would injure herself and use self-inflicted cuts and bruises against the 15 victims she falsely accused of sex attacks – including one who fled the country with his life in tatters.

She insisted she had been raped or attacked but after a five-week trial at Southwark Crown Court, a jury of six men and five women took eight hours and 45 minutes to find her guilty of perjury and perverting the course of justice in July.
Sentencing her today, Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith said: ‘This trial has revealed, what was then not obvious, that you are a very, very convincing liar and you enjoy being seen as a victim.

‘The prosecution described your life as a “construct of bogus victimhood”.’



FROM THE UBER DRIVER: I picked up 2 girls in Hollywood and they were wasted but I first asked if they are going to be sick and if they puked already but they said they were good so I continued the ride. Not even a minute down the street the girl in the back starts making gagging noises so I immediately hand her a vomit bag but she does not even use it. She begins puking all over herself and the back of my car so I pull into the nearest parking lot which was an In’N’Out off of Sunset and Orange in Hollywood. Her friend gets out of the passenger side of my vehicle and tried helping her friend out but they both stumble out of the car covered in puke and fall on the ground. They become agitated with one another and I try to kindly explain I need to cancel and stop the ride but they both became very violent and began smashing up my car with their fists and high heel shoes so I closed up my car and locked it and got away from them so they couldn’t try to hurt me while I called 911. They ripped my driver side door handle out and knocked my mirror off.

Many witnesses began getting involved and began recording with their cell phones. These 2 girls literally begin rampaging in the In’N’Out parking lot and start hitting other vehicles as well as mine and use their high heels to hit my windows of my car as well as other parked vehicles and vehicles in the drive-through waiting to order food. They then also begin hitting and attacking innocent bystanders. This continued until police arrived to tackle them and contain them. They were placed under arrest for vandalism and assault. They also assaulted the police. Over 1,300 confirmed rides as an Uber driver and nothing like this has happened until tonight. What a night… I had to drive all the way home with my windows down and puke all over the inside and outside of my car. Was a horrible night. Now I can see what some Uber drivers can face. This was amongst the worst I’ve seen from what’s posted online. Drivers need to be very cautious about who they allow into their vehicles. I definitely learned a tough lesson tonight. Stay safe out there people.


A white person using a black reaction GIF over social media now represents a form of “digital blackface,”a Teen Vogue op-ed claimed Wednesday.

There’s a problem when non-black people use black reactions Gifs over social media because they are playing into stereotypes about the black community, writer Lauren Michele Jackson claimed.

“If there’s one thing the Internet thrives on, it’s hyperbole and the overrepresentation of black people in GIFing everyone’s daily crises plays up enduring perceptions and stereotypes about black expression. And when nonblack users flock to these images, they are playacting within those stereotypes in a manner reminiscent of an unsavory American tradition,” Jackson wrote.

Many of these black reaction GIFS Jackson refers to feature black people in various stages of emotions: happy, angry, sad etc, Jackson notes. Though these gifs express a wide range of human emotions, it’s problematic for non black people to use them because it only further reinforces cultural stereotypes about excessive emotions in black people, Jackson claimed.

“After all, our culture frequently associates black people with excessive behaviors, regardless of the behavior at hand. Black women will often be accused of yelling when we haven’t so much as raised our voice …” Jackson wrote. “It’s an implication that points toward a strange way of thinking: When we do nothing, we’re doing something, and when we do anything, our behavior is considered ‘extreme.’”

Having to represent the source of people’s emotions online can be exhausting, Jackson continued.

“The weight of reaction GIFing, period, rests on our shoulders. Intertwine this proliferation of our images with the other ones we’re as likely to see — death, looped over and over — and the Internet becomes an exhausting experience,” Jackson said.

Blackface was used during the 19th century in minstrel shows to exaggerate and mock stereotypes about black people.


The black jeep had slammed into a parked saloon in a quiet suburban street, just beside a house having a yard sale. Inside were two middle-aged people who looked like corpses.

Their eyes were closed, their mouths wide open, their bodies slumped together in a deathly embrace. The man’s head was tilted backward while the woman at the wheel lay across his shoulder. A syringe lay between her legs, and another was on the dashboard.

It was a grotesque scene. A couple of drug addicts so desperate to get their fix that they had injected right outside their dealer’s house – and were then hit instantly by the effects of deadly new synthetic opioid many times more powerful than heroin that is flooding the streets of America.

The police swung into action. Such scenes are wearily familiar in the country’s overdose capital. ‘C’mon girl,’ said one officer as he syringed Narcan – a drug that counters opioids – into the slumped woman’s nose. ‘Here she comes. Wake up, little Suzy.’

One estimate predicts 650,000 Americans will die after taking these drugs in a decade – more than the population of central Manchester.

Last week President Donald Trump bowed to pressure and declared a national emergency, ensuring extra resources on the front line.

Montgomery County in Ohio, which includes Dayton, is currently thought to have highest rates of deadly overdoses in America.

It is expecting 800 drug deaths this year – more than triple its 2015 tally. The 420 already logged easily exceeds last year’s total.

Fatalities include an airline pilot and his wife, babies who have simply touched the drugs, infants given them by addicts, teenagers and students, parents and pensioners.

Dealers have also died from toxic inhalation while chopping up supplies. And three nurses had to be given Narcan after losing consciousness when treating an overdose patient on Thursday,

Read more: HERE


In May 2017, California senators approved Bill 179, the Gender Recognition Act. The bill removes the requirement that a person seeking to obtain a new birth certificate from the State Registrar must have first “undergone clinically appropriate treatment” and instead allows anyone, regardless of whether or not they have undergone any treatment, to submit a form and obtain a new birth certificate.

The bill would also “provide modified procedures to obtain a court order for a change of name to conform to the petitioner’s gender identity and a court judgment to recognize a change in the petitioner’s gender” while deleting the requirement that the petitioner must have first “undergone clinically appropriate treatment for the purpose of gender transition.”

It also deletes the minimum age requirement for changing the gender on one’s identifying documents and allows a minor to obtain new documents through the approval of one parent. The bill requires a potentially dissenting parent to appear in court to “show cause.”



Video has emerged of a California traffic cop pointing his gun at a driver and a passenger for nearly 10 minutes. According to the Campbell Police Department, the motorcycle cop saw a car on July 26 driving in the far-right lane of a freeway at 85mph and stopped the vehicle ‘out of safety concerns’. He allegedly told the occupants why he stopped them and asked to see documentation. When the passenger reached under his seat, the ‘unexpected movement’ prompted the officer to draw his gun in a clip filmed by the female driver. Police say the officer had his weapon drawn for so long was because rush hour traffic delayed backup from arriving and the exchange ended civilly. Some viewers defended the Campbell officer. Others questioned whether he needed to draw his gun, and why he held it in a way that appeared to obscure his body camera.


Gabriel Cornejo, of Houston, is on the hook for $65,000 in child support for a child that’s not his. Photo: Gabriel Cornejo
Photo: Gabriel Cornejo

A Houston man is on the hook for $65,000 in child support for a child that’s not his.
Gabriel Cornejo, 45, took a DNA test proving a child his ex-girlfriend had 16 years ago was not his.

The test was too late. In 2003, a child support court in Houston ruled that Cornejo owed his ex-girlfriend child support because she claims, there was no way he wasn’t the father.
HARD STOP: Rule denying car registration to parents who don’t pay child support generates $1.17 million

At the crux of why Cornejo must pay up is Texas’ family code, chapter 161, which states, even if you’re not the biological father, you still owe child support that accrued before the DNA test proves you’re not the father, Cornejo’s lawyer Cheryl Coleman told

“I’ve researched the records and found that there is an issue with the service where they served him back in 2002,” Coleman said. “There are some anomalies with how this case handled by the attorney general’s office. He was never served with those documents in 2002 when the actual paternity petition was filed against him.”

In further support of why Cornejo is on the line for the child support is a claim from the ex-girlfriend that the child support started coming out from Cornejo’s paycheck without his objection.


Teacher Tara Stumph, pictured with her firefighter husband,

The former Arroyo Grande High School teacher convicted earlier this year of having sex with a 16-year-old student has responded to a lawsuit from that student’s family by filing a counterclaim, alleging the victim has defamed her “to various classmates, family and other members of the community.”

Tara Stumph pleaded no contest in April to having sex with a person under 18 and was sentenced to 180 days in jail, a sentence she started serving May 1. Both Stumph and her former employer, Lucia Mar School District, were named as defendants in a lawsuit by the victim’s family. The victim’s family and the school district are set to enter a binding mediation process with Santa Barbara mediator Henry Bongiovi.

Stumph’s teaching license was revoked after her conviction, but she will not be required to register as a sex offender upon her release from San Luis Obispo County Jail. She alleges in her counterclaim that the victim’s statements damaged her reputation and career. Stumph is suing for indemnity for any judgments rendered against her, a judicial determination that any injuries to the plaintiff were caused by the school district, civil damages and attorneys fees and costs.

Tara Stumph

The next hearing in the civil case is scheduled for Oct. 12.



Lies, lies, and more lies have been told about the divorce rate in America. “OH, the divorce rate is 50% a year, so I got a 50-50 chance of making it a go” No way, no how. The reality is not nearly as black and white as this heavily understood, and misrepresented number has led you to believe, nor is it even as rosy as 50% chance of failure, which is horrible.

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A Cleveland woman has been found guilty of aggravated murder in a scheme to collect her slain husband’s $100,000 insurance payout, unaware that she was not the beneficiary of his policy.

Uloma Walker-Curry, 45, now faces life behind bars without parole for having hired a hit man in November 2013 to kill her husband, Lt. William Walker – a local fire fighter – who she wed just four months earlier. unbeknown to Walker-Curry, her husband had not yet changed the beneficiary on his insurance policy at the time of his death, so his ex-wife received the money.


Rayna Culver, a Trenton educator, took in a city student who had been kicked out of a relative’s house in December 2015.

A year and a half later, Culver would be accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting the teenager after she became his legal guardian, according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Trentonian in response to a public records request.

“(The victim) believed that the purpose of her taking him in was to eventually make sex a part of their relationship,” court documents state.

Culver, 43, met the student while she was a school climate and culture leader at Rivera Middle School — a position she started in September 2013.

In a February interview, the student told Burlington County prosecutors he and Culver were “very close” while he was attending the school that she worked at.

“There they developed a relationship and he would talk to her often,” the complaint reads.

After the student was kicked out his relative’s house, Culver assumed custody of the boy when he was 15 and they continued their close relationship, court documents disclose.

But eventually, that relationship would allegedly take a sickening turn.

Culver would start touching the victim, and “he didn’t think anything of it” initially, the complaint reads.

In June 2016 — when the victim was 15 years old — Culver allegedly started touching the boy when he was about to fall asleep and then she took off his clothes. Culver performed oral sex on the boy, then proceeded to have sex with him, court documents indicate.

“After that first incident, they would engage in sex often, and it was to the point where he felt that if he told her to stop she would get mad and kick him out of the house,” the complaint states. “(The victim) told Culver via text message that he didn’t want to have sex anymore, and she made it clear that she did not want it to stop.”

The victim told authorities that the sex with his 43-year-old caretaker “happened almost every day over several months.”

The teen also disclosed to prosecutors that there were conversations on his phone about their sexual relationship.

The boy turned over his phone to authorities and, in April, a forensic examination was conducted.

Authorities uncovered conversations between the teenager and “Mom,” whose phone number was utilized by Culver.

“Throughout the course of the conversations, Culver and (the victim) get into in-depth conversations regarding sex, having sex and sexual acts,” the complaint states.

An Orlando-based company, Legal Lean, has just created a chocolate-y powder that will give users a natural buzz without the drugs.The powder contains ingredients that are found in energy drinks and is supposed to give an endorphin and serotonin rush along with a calm focus and euphoric energy. The effects of the cocao-based powder are supposed to last about 30 minutes to an hour.