The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 25-year-old woman they say became impregnated by a young boy in 2014.

Marissa Mowry of Port Richey and the victim were at a Hillsborough County residence in January 2014 when they had sexual intercourse that resulted in a pregnancy, according to officials.

At the time, Mowry was 22-years-old and the victim 11-years-old.

Mowry gave birth to a child in October 2014.

Officials said Mowry and victim continued with their sexual relationship multiple times while the victim was between the ages of 11 and 14-years-old.

After detectives completed their investigation they secured an arrest warrant. Mowry was arrested Tuesday afternoon without incident, charged with sexual battery and transported to the Hillsborough County Jail.

On Wednesday, fourteen additional charges were filed against Mowry. She now faces 3 counts of Sexual Assault by 18 years of age or older Sex Battery Victim under 12 years of age, 11 counts of Sexual Assault by Custodian Sexy Battery Victim 12 years of age and under 18 years of age.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Child Protective Division is assisting in the investigation. The 3-year-old child is being placed with a responsible adult as the investigation continues.


My friend’s girlfriend is insane. The entire fight was because she couldn’t find her glasses this morning. When she’s yelling at him, he literally just sits there and it drives her nuts, especially when he can’t keep from laughing. Betsy, remember when you locked me and Tim out of the house? Well this video is my retaliation.

New York (FOX61) A New York woman accused of lying about being sexually assaulted by two Sacred Heart University athletes appeared before a judge in Bridgeport Superior Court Monday.

Nikki Yovino is charged with filing a false police report and tampering with evidence. Her arrest warrant details an investigation that spanned over two months.

Police say Yovino made up a story that she was raped by two male students at an off-campus party in Bridgeport in October 2016.


A teacher is accused of sodomizing a middle school student and raping him during their alleged months-long sexual relationship. Lindsey Jarvis, 27, (left, in mugshot, top right, in court on Monday) pleaded not guilty to two counts of rape at the Fayette County Courthouse in Kentucky, where she held hands with her husband of three years (bottom right). She was also charged with rape, sodomy and unlawful transaction with a minor in neighboring Woodford County. Police found evidence on the victim’s phone suggesting the two were in a ‘romantic relationship’, and Jarvis was arrested on Friday.


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Man involved in convenience store video arrested on five misdemeanor counts

A Fort Smith man who was the subject of a Facebook video gone viral that showed him being restrained by officers from the Fort Smith Police Department was arrested on five separate misdemeanor counts after he was released from a local hospital where paramedics took him after what appeared to be a drug-related episode.

Mike Thomas McBride of Fort Smith, who was captured on Facebook Live by Cleavon Kursh of Fort Smith during the incident was disoriented, paranoid and physically unable to control his motor functions during the episode, which happened Friday afternoon at the Point Convenience Store at 1116 Grand Avenue.

Kursh had stopped into cash his paycheck when he noticed McBride acting in a strange manner and took out his Smart Phone rto record the event.

“Man, I could’t believe what II was seeing and I didn’t think anyone would believe me either,” said Kursh. “We were all just trying to calm him down and help him until help got there. He was on something and it had him bad.”

Police were called and arrived about seven minutes into the video. One officer finally was able to restrain McBride with handcuffs until back-up arrived, although he was kicked at least twice during the process.

Once back-upback-up arrived a female police officer, who recognized McBride as a classmate from when she attended Ramsey Junior High, was able to talk him down until he EMT’s arrived.

Eyewitnesses said McBride had parked his vehicle near Edwards Funeral Home at the corner of North 12th and B Streets and had walked to the store.

Once inside, he was jerking in spasm-like movements, knocked over store displays and was talking incoherently.


Footage of the ill-fated moment surfaced on Instagram earlier this week. Four men, presumably friends of the boyfriend, can be seen performing a short choreography to Bruno Mars’ Marry You at the Columbia Fireflies’ home ballpark in South Carolina (center). Once the men are done dancing on the field, the camera pans to a couple in the bleachers (top left). The boyfriend, naturally, gets down on one knee and presents his girlfriend with an engagement ring in a box (top right). But the girlfriend, instead of looking overcome with emotion, is shaking her head no. Her boyfriend seems to ignore this warning sign and goes through with the proposal. Eventually, she recoils (bottom left), grabs her purse and leaves (bottom right).

Once the clock struck midnight on Donald Trump’s 100 days in office, Stephen Colbert’s claws came out. He delivered his most vicious attack on the President to date during the monologue of Monday night’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, using language many were shocked to hear come out of the late night host’s mouth — including a derogatory slur many consider to be homophobic.


A shocking video has emerged showing an American Airlines employee (pictured main in a blue shirt and tie and inset) challenging a passenger (left in main) to a fight after allegedly hitting a woman with a stroller on a domestic flight.

The upsetting footage, filmed shortly before Flight 591 departed from San Francisco to Dallas on Friday afternoon, shows the airline employee goading a passenger and saying, ‘hit me’. The clip was uploaded by passenger Surain Adyanthaya, who explained he started filming after the flight attendant ‘violently took a stroller from a lady with her baby (left and right) on my flight, hitting her and just missing the baby’.

Adyanthaya went on to explain: ‘They just in-voluntarily escorted the mother and her kids off the flight and let the flight attendant back on, who tried to fight other passengers. The mom asked for an apology and the AA official declined.


An Austrian femme fatale known as the “Ice Cream Killer” will have plenty of new men to choose from at her new lockdown.

Estibaliz Carranza, 38, will be transferred to an all-male prison because she’s too dangerous to be locked up at a women’s facility, but authorities might be playing right into her hands.

The maniacal murderess has a history of luring men into her web and then killing and slicing up their bodies with a chainsaw.

In 2012, she was sentenced to life behind bars for the dismemberment murders of her ex-husband and her onetime lover on separate occasions. She shot them both in the head, carved up their bodies, stored their parts in a freezer and buried their remains under the concrete floor of her sweet shop. She then hung air fresheners to hide the smell of their rotting corpses.



Video captures a Pasco County deputy using a Taser Wednesday night to stop a drug suspect fleeing a traffic stop. Crews for the Spike TV show “Cops” were filming a segment as a deputy’s body camera documented the arrest, which occurred around 11:50 p.m. Cameron Ajax Jones, 34, of Hudson, is charged with possession of heroin with intent to sell, and possession of methamphetamine. The deputy had pulled over a Toyota Prius after it ran a stop sign and saw that there were hypodermic needles in the car.


Police in Thailand are today hunting a cruel mother who punished her young son by tying him to railings with plastic cord. The angry woman was spotted yelling at her son outside a food market in the Nonthaburi province near Bangkok, as she holds his head down with her foot. She makes him bend double while straddling the railings and then wraps the thick plastic style string around his head, arms and back. The petrified young lad is heard gasping ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe’. But the woman refuses to let go and the lad, believed to be around five years old, remains tied to the white roadside railings while crying after the incident. A shocked onlooker recorded the clip which has since been viewed more than two million times. She passed it to Thai authorities who published it online and are now trying to trace the mother. Corporal Rangsan Namsang said: ‘The mother has a bad heart. She was seen at the entrance to the temple near the Park Kret market. ‘She does something really bad. Is this really what a mum should do? The only way the lady could help was by taking the video and sharing it. ‘Listen to the kid, he says ‘I cannot breathe, I cannot breath’. The woman can help the kid a little but by taking picture, but they did not have the chance to get involved.’ The boy is understood to have been released a short time later by the mother after she was satisfied with the punishment. Corporal Namsang said that the authorities had been alerted to the footage and are likely to to start an investigation to trace the mother.

A Mailman in Minnesota was allegedly busted spending a little too much time in a man’s garage…boinking his dog.

21-year-old Brian Chapman is accused of having sex with a dog in a man’s garage on his route last month.

The dog’s owner told cops that he became suspicious after noticing the suspect had been spending inoordinate amounts of time in his garage.

The homeowner then decided to install security cameras that were motion-activated.

After reviewing surveillance footage, he found out.

Chapman entered the man’s garage yet again on on February 7th at around 1:30 p.m. He set down a package, then “engaged in a sexual act” with the dog that was in said garage.

He’s been charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor bestiality.



Uber CEO Travis Kalanick got into an argument with long-serving Uber Black driver Fawzi Kamel over dropping ridesharing fares. When Kamel complains that the overall price is going down and ruining his finances, Kalanick defends cuts as necessary to fend off rivals like Lyft. He disputes that prices on Black in particular are dropping, and quickly gets mad.

He claims that people like like Kamel “don’t like to take responsibility for their own shit” and are trying to blame others for their own problems.


The video was taken by another former caregiver who was in the room at the time. The footage shows Fultz doing lewd acts in front of the man and then straddling his leg, Bath said. “I can show you new things, I can show you new things,” Fultz can be heard saying on the video. The video also allegedly shows Fultz pulling down her pants and “mooning” the elderly resident.

Bath said the video was taken a few months ago and just recently given to officials at the Commons Of Providence. Once they received it, they called police. Officials at the facility could not be reached.