A Florida woman has a lot to learn when it comes to getting away with the so-called perfect crime.

63-year-old Debra Kincy (above, left) called 911 claiming she’d found her friend, 64-year-old Charlotte Nicholas (above, right), dead and covered in blood the night of October 20th.

Her crocodile tear-filled interview with a local news station now makes her look (more) like a callous idiot after her case started unraveling.

For starters, small bloody footprints were seen all over the crime scene. Secondly, she told an online news source that the victim had been stabbed – which police hadn’t released to the public, and according to them, only the killer would know. Lastly, surveillance footage from a nearby pawn shop showed her trying to pawn the victim’s jewelry – and she was wearing the shirt she’d worn while committing the crime; still with a large blood stain on the front of it.

The victim, a retired nurse, had been stabbed a staggering 70+ times with a knife and a screwdriver. The blade of the knife even broke in the process.

Debra told news stations the day after the murder that she was a friend of Charlotte, her next door neighbor of about six months.

“We watched TV in the morning, we’d have coffee, we’d have beers and smoke cigarettes,” she said. “She was a nice person.”

She then went on to convey how much the killing had disturbed her, saying, “It rattles me big time. Usually this neighborhood is very peaceful. We’ve never had a problem here.”

As authorities dug further and further, they found that the victim had a fiancé out-of-state. He told them that Charlotte had been having issues, to put it lightly, with Ms. Kincy. He also identified the rings he’d given the victim as those Ms. Kincy had pawned.

Text messages were found between Debra and the victim, with the victim writing, “Don’t come over!” and “Stop! What do you want? Leave me alone!”

Debra was arrested this past weekend on charges of first-degree murder and dealing in stolen property. She’s being held without bond.